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©Benoit Chattaway
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Brussels, Belgium
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Nico Neefs (born August 2nd 1987) is a Brussels based photographer and visual artist. He studied photography at INRACI, Brussels.
Nico started his career as a portrait and studio photographer working as a freelance for different private and commercial assignements.
In 2011, together with Maarten De Ceulaer and a few others product designers he found Studio With A View, a large warehouse dedicated to creation where he had his studio for a few years and where he started to work for the design industry.
Always inspired by music and close to musicians and performers, Nico never stop to collaborate with them. He focus on developing a wide range of visual experiments; music videos, press pictures, album covers, etc...
He's now running a place called The Castle, dedicated to promote music in all his forms, where musicians meets creatives and where the meetings becomes new exciting projects.